Scientists Prep 4th Genesis Device

Hi there Folks Gus here with some breaking news!

Thanks to the Stalwart efforts of many Captains this year the Fourth Genesis Collection Contract over on Mindy in Mork has this week been completed.

The technicians are moving all the remaining modules and last minute resources in to Orbit to begin the Genesis Device construction. It will take some time before the device is ready to deploy and the planet creation process begins.

Once this is complete and the planet has been checked over for any anomalies players will be able to begin exploring the planet. The normal process of exploration by members of the Explorers League will take place until the planet has been fully explored and population can begin.

As indicated this marks the 4th Genesis Device to be created through Captain donations and should the device detonation go to plan will be named ‘Devotion’ (this was decided back in May 2012 with a competition to name the Genesis Planets ahead of time).

Apparently we can expect the Device to be triggered some time in the next few days. Traffic in the Mork system will be stopped for a short time to ensure no loss of life.

Gus Givens
ISN New Desk

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  1. Gruntok says:

    I remember when Mork was just a tiny spec in the Furnace Galaxy, nothing remarkable. Then, one day settlements in the planet Nanoo popped up and a lot of life rushed into the system. Now, a new entire planet is added to Mork, making this once little and lost dead end part of the universe, an exciting place to visit and make business!

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