Save Professor Guildham!

Gus Givens here with breaking news just coming in!

It appears that Professors Wade and Guildham have once again got themselves deep in hot water. For those that are unclear of the history of these two I’ll point you at several older news stories from a few years back.

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Their research into the D.I.P.S.I technology got them in deep water and Professor Wade very nearly lost his life. Thanks to the heroic efforts of thousands of captains across the ‘then known’ Galaxies he was saved and he even went on to Marry Professor Guildham.

They handed over their D.I.P.S.I technology, which was used in many projects ranging from the Super Gates and the Genesis Projects.

The professors formed a company called D.I.P.S.I Technology Foundation. Through this company they continued their D.I.P.S.I work in secret. Well that was until yesterday.

The G.F.S Resound was sent to lend aid to a large science vessel floating in Mork in the Furnace Galaxy. When they arrived they discovered several ‘Space Breaches’. To the layman like you and I ‘fabric tears’ between our own Universe and a parallel one!

Like we don’t have enough trouble in this one with Aliens and Rogue A.I’s trying to attack us!

What we can tell you is that the two professors were apparently on the verge of completing their latest test run when fate stepped in to lend a hand! No one was killed but a vast section of the science vessel ‘High Ground’ simply vanished. Professor Wades wife was in the missing section when it ‘transitioned’ to an alternative universe!

After talks with the Coalition and Gal-Fed scientists it has been agreed to attempt to run a ‘Five prong’ collection program to save professor Guildham.

Professor Wade has explained that they need to create Five unique D.I.P.S.I devices, one in each of the non Alien Galaxies. These will then be used to link together and pull the missing section of the science vessel ‘High Ground’ back into our ‘normal space’.

A similar system was used to pull Professor Wade back though many years ago.

Five Collection Offices (D.I.P.S.I Technology Foundation) are being created and will be open for business by the time you have read this ISN post

We wish the Professor well and hope that once he gets his wife back they might consider a more mundane and safer form of research!

Lastly it appears that a hidden benefactor has started to disseminate the D.I.P.S.I technology required through a system of festive awards.

Gus Givens ISN News Desk

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  1. Wifly says:

    I love this story line! I can’t wait to hear the next chapter in the love story of Doctors Wade and Guildham (or is it Doctor and Doctor Wade-Guildham now?)

    I think of those love birds every time I equip my D.I.P.S.I. Device.

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