San Ticlaws Collection

San Ticlaws – Christmas Collection

For those of you that have been here for a few of the Christmas periods, you will know that San Ticlaws is never very lucky at this time of year. In fact in one way or another he has always lost or had stolen his ‘Collection’ for the Children.

This year San Ticlaws has decided to ask for your help in delivering his collection of present for the children, rather than leave it up to the useless fools who normally transport them to San Ticlaws festive elves.

Thereby it’s hoped that there will be no last minute scramble like the last few years. So if you have some of San Ticlaws Festive items in your hold please drop them off for a nice XP payment here at one of San Ticlaws collection points.

You can find his elves working very hard to receive your items in the following Locations:

Feris, Starbase-51
Zarante – Berolina
Trantor – Fujimori
Yam – Coalition 1
Blake – Casmar Station
Tornsul – Iroma
Dashan – Furia Station

Items to hand in :

San Ticlaws Candys
San Ticlaws Decorations
San Ticlaws Festive Displays
San Ticlaws Festive Trees
San Ticlaws Gifts
San Ticlaws Sack
San Ticlaws Snowmen

Alternatively, look for San Ticlaws Collection in the CE finder. Should the collection be completed by the morning of the 25th of December, I will award a Server Wide Reward to THOSE WHO TOOK PART of the following :

1 X Exiles Resource Token
5,000 Fuel Ticket
1,000 Festive Points


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