San Ticlaws Arrested – Rexx Saves the Day!

Usually at this time of year we have glad tidings and stories of cheer and goodwill. Sadly today we have to report on the Arrest of San Ticlaws and dozens of his small elf like workers. Station security were called to a disturbance on Deck 12 of the Promenade on starbase-51 early this morning.

A large brawl had broken out in the ‘Dirty Foxhole’ a bar on the lower east side of the promenade. By the time Security arrived they were presented with a large scale riot between local dock workers, pilots and San Ticlaw elf’s. In the middle of the brawl was San Ticlaws him self! – He was eventually wrestled to the ground by several burly security officers.

After 30 minutes of stun guns and elf’s being hurled in the air, the eventual head count was 141 arrested including 28 elf’s and San Ticlaws himself. They will all be held in the security brig until a judge can be found later today to hear their case.

Early reports from our investigators say that the fight broke out when San Ticlaws elf’s derided the local captains for their lack of generosity this year, and the fact that the deliveries to the Orphanages this Christmas morning had been cancelled. A spokeswoman for the Orphanages has been reported to say that this was a sad day for the Children, images of San Ticlaws being dragged off by Security had many of them in tears.

In other News it seems that the Dashing and Charismatic Captain Rexxx took over for Santa and spent time this morning in each Orphanage handing presents out of his large red sack. The presents that had been collected were topped up at the last minute by someone wishing to be anonymous.

Lets hear it for Rexx!

ISN News Desk – Christmas Morning


  1. Dragon says:

    You see….I knew he couldn’t be trusted! He cares for no one but himself ! He will think of something to get back in good graces and people will fall for it because he has a pretty face. How sad!

  2. Dragon says:

    What kind of a place is this, when San Ti Claws is arrested? I don’t like it, not one little bit!

  3. Zoorland says:

    Well, thank goodness Rexx exists.

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