Salvage Discriminators

Salvage is a hard won profession. It take a lot of Fuel, time and dedication. Choosing which section to mine that session and trying to figure out where Coops hid all the cool loot.

It does contain within it though some very cool loot indeed, and as a profession its a good way to get those hard to find and well sort after resources. Of course it takes time and energy.

There is a down side too this though. As you level up and unlock each level within the Salvage sections of a Wreck you get access to more loot – this is also part of the issue. Access to more loot means more variation and less finding closer to what you were after in the first place.

Now this being CE we are not going to place a fancy gadget that equates to a get rich quick button, but we are not above giving you a helping hand. So today I added Salvage Discriminators.

These come in 12 Variations. Six are for the Expanse and Six are for the normal Salvager’s amongst you.

These are Pods, they can be engineered or bought from the store if you fancy helping support CE. Each Salvage Discriminator has a Max Level Lock. So if you were to fit one with a Level Lock of 6 it would ensure you only get loot from level six downwards.

Of course in this example you would need to BE level Six in the chosen area you set to Salvage. In fact the Pod has a built in idiot proof detector and if the owner try’s to use it on a level above their Salvage Level it will simply remain inactive.

But used properly it can help you reduce the clutter of loots you don’t want.

There was a lot of discussion from the Staff over these Discriminators and whilst to the uninitiated they may seem somewhat superfluous once you start heading into level 10 and beyond you may start to see the idea behind these.

OK Coops so where do I get the Blueprints… ?

Salvage Blue Print – Loot
Well this add caused me to scratch my head on a few levels and I decided it was high time that we started to add ‘Profession Blueprints’ to more than just Derelicts and the like. So you get these as Loots. There are lots and lots of them to collect so just carry on Salvaging.

Expanse Salvage will recover Expanse versions, whilst those outside the expanse will get non expanse versions.

Blueprint Multi Layer
Up till now all engineering has been 2 levels. Build some modules and create the item. This add made me also ‘change up a gear’ and add multi layered Engineering. Now like Crafting, an Engineering item may require you to make sub modules, then the top level modules, then the final item.

This should keep you all busy for a few days figuring that lot out : ) I’ve only applied this principle to the new builds and not touched existing builds.

OK that’s enough from me – Please READ this post before jumping in Chat and asking ‘how do these new pods work and where can I get them’ :)


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