S.M.R Time Reduction Boost 35%

With the implementation of the SMR Advanced Construction Suite for deployment on Settlements Level Seven or higher, this bought about an ever-growing bottleneck, as these schematics utilised in this building are of the ‘Shake & Bake’ variety. Thus taking real time to cook, and some of the schematics have a cook time of 22+ hours.

This upgrade is account bound, so affects any SMR Advanced Construction Suites you may have deployed on that Captain. Once active, it reduces all schematics build time by 35%. Note, it will not affect currently active builds.

The reduction is applied and displayed when choosing a schematic from the SMR Advanced Construction Suite schematic selection system.

This is an account upgrade and as such falls within the CE Store Support method You can find it OVER HERE.

As we begin to pile on more and more Large scale submodules for Starbases and Battleships in this way, I can see the bottleneck growing, so an option to reduce the construction time seemed only fair (Was a Player suggestion).


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