RIO 2016 Olympic Games

Core Exiles Olympic Festivities 2016

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics starts on the 5th and as per usual we have been hammering away in the depths to bring you some Olympic fun this year. We may even have gone a little over board but hey, it’s all for good fun. This year we are wrapping together the Olympic & Paralympic Games, giving you twice as long to collect the Flags and Beacons!

We have two primary elements as we did during the last few Olympics. These will be the Collection of Olympic Flags Sets and also the extra collection and hand-ins of Olympic Beacons. We have revamped the prizes this year and are also attaching a Top 10 prize to the beacon hand in.

You will begin to see (After 10.00 AM on the 5th) two new forms of Loot. These will be an Olympic Beacons and 34 Olympic Flags. The flags represent the countries YOU nominated in previous years.

Olympic Beacons
The beacons will be seeded this week in preparation for the games and come the morning of the 5th we will activate these beacons. This means they will begin to appear in loot. Your task is to collect them. Each one is worth 1,000 XP and 5,000! Credits when handed in at an Olympic Centre. (See below).

Handing in the Beacons is simple but you will need to decide which Team / Country to support when handing them in.

Note: You can only hand in one at a time and the beacons will SELF TERMINATE when the hand in completes making them useless to hoard. They are for helping your country win and collecting a XP and credits whilst doing it, during the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Beacon Prize:
This year we will also be awarding prizes to the Top 10 captains that deposit beacons.

The top 10 will all receive a £20.00 Gift Certificate to spend in the CE Store.

CE Olympic Flags – Collection
The Flags are worth 10 Festive Points each and can be traded in at the Festive center if you so wish. They CAN also be traded should you wish. This is because there is a special prize for collecting an entire set of 34.

You can hand in an ‘entire collection’ (one of Each Flag) at the Olympic Centers. Simply click the Check Flag button and the staff will check you have the correct Flags. If correct the Flags will be removed from your store and you will be awarded the following Prize.

1 X RIO Device (new Pod)
500 Festive Points
500 Barter Points
5,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Emporium License

Please note: You may only hand in ONE full set of Flags for the rewards. After that the Check Flag option will reject any further tries.

CE RIO Olympic Dates

The CE RIO Olympics will Begin at 10:00 AM Friday the 5th when the Beacons will activate for loot and you will begin finding CE Olympic Flags.

This year I’m rolling the Olympic AND Paralympics together, after all you have to collect 34 unique flags, that’s could take some time and this gives you much longer to complete that challenge. So the Olympic Games for CE will END on the 19th September @ 4.00PM Game Time.

Olympic Beacons will self-terminate and disappear from your Inventories at 4.01 PM on the 19th Of September

Flag Set Hand Ends
The Olympic Offices will remain open until 4.00 PM on the 20th of September for any last minute Flag set hand ins. Giving you an Extra 24 Hours to complete a set and hand it in past the Olympic Games ending on CE.

Olympic Center Locations – (Will Open on the 5th)

Darius – Ethan
Pyragles Base – Gainsboro
Yeltsim – Franklyn
Zwanziq Station – Sunrise

Sabian – Yam
Yonartthakr – Tantas

The Forge
Berolina – Zarante

Fujimori – Trantor

Edna – Mostony
Otaio – Oengo
Habitat-87 – Elmquae

ARK-09 – Aurelia
Starbase-140 – Kirzhach
Janus Station – Metri
Trade Hub 59 – Pevek
Lucious Port – Blake

Happy Hunting and may the best country win!


  1. Namie says:

    Not lucky with the beacon competition but at least i got the pod.
    Nice game, nice event with very nice reward.

    Thanks Coops 🙂

  2. Lord Orion says:

    Another great competition 🙂

    Just got my prizes yesterday, after some help from the other players.

    Definitely one of the top things of this game is the amazing community it has :D, can’t find that in other games

  3. NBailey says:

    The competitions like this are one of the many things that keeps Core-Exiles fun to play. It is really great, you spend some time gathering the needed items and interacting with the community for a little trading to help each other out. Everyone wants to see as many others get the rewards as well.

    A big Thanks for all the extra work to put on these competitions throughout the year, Coops!

  4. Rapa2k says:

    Great competition with great prizes in the best game on the web!!!!

  5. Darakhoranon says:

    Another event that offers FREE stuff for doing things we’d do anyway while playing the game – no matter what a player likes to do, nearly everything has a (usually quite good!) chance to drop a flag in addition to the “normal” stuff.
    And it doesn’t actually take any kind of “work” to collect these flags – I already got half of them in about 1-2 h (adding up short visits to the game over the week!).

  6. Arlentz says:

    Hmm, I can’t tell whether my comment got posted. Even if it didn’t, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with repeating what a cool competition this is, and an awesome way to get folks into the Olympics themselves too. 🙂

  7. Arlentz says:

    This is an awesome competition, and it helps that it’s easy to understand, since I just started playing last week! LOL

  8. Samudra says:

    Hope you guys all get the RIO device, it’s a very nice pod.
    Thanks Coops. 🙂

    *I really like to support my own country in the next olympic event.

  9. thorgil says:

    Good work people.
    Wonderful pod.
    Thank you again Coops

  10. Albert Ross says:

    Beats me you aren’t skint Coops with all these give aways.

  11. 1 Cor 134 says:

    I’m loving the event, thanks Coops!

  12. Kotaro says:

    I’m enjoying Olympic event.

  13. Alumoi says:

    Coops, as always you’re spoiling us. Can’t wait to see what the new device does.

  14. siddharth says:

    good luck to all the players of ce who working hard on flag hundt . and thanks once again to coops for all the compedetion run 🙂

  15. Anonymous says:

    festive points, a new pod, other goodies and the olympics to watch while mining away 😀

  16. scumbusta says:

    Wow what a cool game we have. Where on earth or any planet does any game give you hobson choice to pick any item you like from a product set from its cash store. Kudos Coops little things like this is what keeps players playing for years.
    2 pods fitted now I am travelling so fast I arrive before I leave 🙂

  17. STONE says:

    Olympic time again and Core-Exiles festival time. Flags and beacons to find to trade for all those little things that make life in the far flung reaches of the universe more enjoyable….wonder what the RIO pod will boost?…Have fun

  18. Jager 602 says:

    I was sad because I could not get in on the opening day’s festivities, but I’m working my way back into it now! Mining laser, don’t fail me now 🙂

  19. LocutusBorg says:

    Coops, give us another POD extension 😛 Please!!!
    Hope I will find my national flag soon 🙂

  20. Marcus says:

    With all these POD’s we’ll need another Pod Point Expansion 🙂
    This is awesome Coops. Thanks

  21. Korth says:

    Another great event in the CE world. Not only do you get a cargo/energy enhancing pod, but alos Festival points and a chance at a gift certificate. Keep it comming Coops

  22. Nifft Thellian says:

    This is one of the many reasons I love this game. There are so many events throughout the year and chances to earn great stuff. Thank you Coops! Best of luck to all the Olympic competitors, in-game, and real life!

  23. Nifft Thellian says:

    This is just one of the many reasons I love this game so much. There are so many chances throughout the year to earn great prizes. Thanks for all the hard work Coops!

  24. SpaceBucks says:

    Wow, Coops,
    Another POD device, outstanding!
    Maybe instead of an Emporium License one could get an advertising license… hmmm?

    A big thanks for the free swag coming my way 🙂

  25. 5hortpants says:

    Gotta earn me one of those RIO Devices!

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