Rexx Halloween Calender Hijacked!

Sad news Folks – the highly anticipated Rexx Halloween 2013 Calender has been sabotaged before it could reach the publishers. Rexx had agreed to do the photo shoot for free, with all the proceeds from the sale of the Calender going to the ‘Poor Miners Fund’.

Unfortunately it seems the final prints were stolen en-route to the publisher by a group calling themselves the ‘N.M.R’. The No More Rexx group has been gaining ground recently after the sale of Rexx Cologne and Rexx O2. (which by the way come in stimulating and great smelling Strawberry, Cherry, Coffee and Blueberry flavours.)

A reward has been set up for complete sets of prints (Five in Total) to be returned to the ‘Save Rexx Fund’ account. Simply drop off one of EACH Rexxoleen pages to the Save Rexx Fund account at any location of your choosing. All Five MUST be dropped at the same time making a complete set of Five.

In return for each FULL SET you will receive a Halloween Bonus Bumper pack of rewards as outlined below

  • 1 X 5,000 Fuel – (TICKET)
  • 10 X Profession XP Booster 30%
  • 1 X IP Reset
  • 5 X SNARG Pumpkin Treats
  • 5 X Oxygen Bottle (Halloween)
  • 1 X Sven Halloween Pack (500 Points)

This offer is open for the period of October Each Year.

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