Reward Collection Program

Reward Collection Program
Over the years we have added items to the game to celebrate things like The Olympics and World Cups. These items are generally obtainable by collecting a large amount of unique items and handing them in before the hand in expires. These items (Pods Generally) are only obtainable at these times and the two primary ones we made non trade-able (account locked).

That’s all and good and has worked for many years. But a slew of recent PM’s and emails got me thinking (always a bad thing) :)

So I created the Reward Collection Program. They collect all those things that you’ve been picking up in loot over the years. In fact the office collects over 500 unique items. IT works like most CE hand in’s, it checks to see if you have any and offers you a chance to hand in if you do.

They offer credits and XP, but more importantly they offer ‘Reward Points’. Now Points make Prizes Right ? (You see where I’m going with this) :)

With the help of Bebeb, over the last two days we have been putting the Reward Collection Program through its paces. Both dropping off Loot items and purchasing items from the Reward Collection Program Store.

Store Stock
OK we were hit by a slight dilemma when it came to the World Cup and Sochi Pods. These are in game with a Pod Cost of 1 and are NOT limited to a single fitting. What limited those was the fact you could only get one in the competitions.

So to make things fair I’ve created some R.P pod items. These are based off (same bonus stats) as their original pods but they cost 2Pod points instead of 1. Yes you can multi fit them if you desire. (I can see some light bulbs going off already).

Over time we WILL add more as we add more ‘Special Festive Items’ to the game. In fact we have a few events coming up and also next month a Coops Challenge so I see a great opportunity to add more already :)

Short Term, those of you that have been around for years, you will have an outlet to dump / retire / sell off all those 1000’s of loot items you will never use. Back side of that you get to invest in some cool RP pods. Who doesn’t need more Energy and Cargo space?

Long term, as players come into CE and learn about the previous competitions they can begin to earn their way to ‘owning’ a replica item. Sure it uses one more Pod Point BUT its still as effective.

Lets not forget we are offering XP and Credits for the loot you sell we are not just ripping you off. Although there is a disclaimer on the store that clearly states that you may get a better price selling to a player. But then you wouldn’t be collecting Reward Points :)

Bebeb and I feel this store works as intended, so I hope you enjoy it.

You can locate a few dotted around NPC locations OR level Six+ owners can open one as a Contract (Six Months).

Have Fun folks!

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  1. Lost Queen says:

    : )

    More XP, credits, and a chance to get those special pods that level with you. Count me in.

    : )

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