Return To the Core – Outline

Generally I don’t do what I’m about to do, but I figured there was enough rumour mill falsehoods flying around that it might help some to have a better understanding of the next major bolt on to Core Exiles.

You may have noticed that Elkhorn and I have started to publish to a new section in the Forums entitled ‘Historical Archives’. This will be expanded over the months and surely years as we feed you historical data as its uncovered and understood. This gives you an inkling as to what ‘Return To the Core’ means and might entail.

Meanwhile here’s an overview of what to expect. This will be broken up ‘release wise’ in to manageable chunks, both for you and for me :)

The first stage will be the mass release of new Buildings for Corporations, Genesis Plots and Settlements. These will allow you to start manufacturing very specialised Battleship modules. You can expect a long old list of these and how the schematics for these will be obtained is under wraps for now. Suffice to say some of those very large piles of resources you have all been hiding away will come in to play. For the younger players its a time for you to make some decent credits off our older senior players in resources and items.

2nd stage is the release of Starbase Manufacturing for Battleship Primary modules. These will be made from your sub modules created on the Corps, Genesis and settlements. Think of this stage as creating the large Battleship sized components required to build a large scale battleship.

3rd stage will be the release of said ‘Battleship Yard’ for Starbases. By this time we will have added a few more sections for your Starbases to allow for these fittings and you will be able to ‘shake and bake’ Battleships for prospective clients.

Looking forward…

I’ve had a lot of time these last few weeks to rethink some of what I’d envisage for ‘Returning to the Core’, and I have decided that the best ‘fit’ for expansion would be to allow you to climb into the Captains chair on these Battleships (Parking up your current trusty ship in the Sphere) and embarking on a trip ‘in person’ to the Core.

Initially the idea was based along the lines of the Barge, but I have seen that it still requires an entire Galaxy creating and planning out, so why not go the extra mile and create a Galaxy you and your Battleship can fly though. Similar to how you currently do in your smaller ships.

Activity wise we will start with Combat, Mining, Salvage etc and these will all be done with you at the controls. Of course these new ships will require specialised crew and upgrades to the Battleship will all take place back in the Sphere using resources and items recovered from the Core.

You will find that the Core is heavily mission NPC driven initially, allowing you to unlock various actions and allowing you a more ‘free play style’.
More activities will be added over time (if I’m still sane) and we can truly expand your playing horizons and give you a new lease on life in CE.

All of the above will come in due course, but as a one man coder its going to take some time to fulfil that vision. But YOU now have as much of the vision as I do.

Meanwhile – if you have some disposable income and fancy locking in one of 50 Battleship renaming tokens – READ OVER HERE

I will continue to update you in this fashion as I lock in various stages and sections of the expansion of ‘Back To the Core’. Starbases will be updated as we move along this timeline giving them a true ‘Place’ in all this, but without the Corps, Genesis and Settlements help wont get far lol.


Been bought to me attention that today is 1st April. So for clarification – NO this is not a joke.

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