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Hi there Folks, Gus Givens here from the ISN News Desk,

Well it’s true folks, last week we reported that there were unconfirmed rumours that the A.I has returned to the Core. As many of you will now be aware there has been a spate of intercepted communications between the A.I’s back in the Core and here in the Sphere. These have been deciphered using the latest 2048 bit A.I Public Access decryption key provided by the Coalition scientists.

These communications when all put together form a dramatic and horrifying truth. The A.I have exited the Nebula after 100’s of years of banishment from the Core and it’s systems. They came through and made quick work of the defence forces at the Helix Nebula. That’s about about 700 light-years from Earth in the constellation Aquarius.

They then deployed an entire armada of over 800,000 vessels. Of these nearly 3/4 were formed in to four primary battle groups. These were dispatched to the following locations.

Europa Outpost – Destroyed
Ganymede Station – Destroyed
Titan Station – Destroyed
Mars Orbital – Unknown

It appears that the A.I has gained not only a substantial foot hold in the Core Systems but is set on taking Earth. Gal-fed and the Coalition council have been unavailable for comment quiet on the subject and are refusing any interviews or make any public statements at this time.

It appears the A.I is extremely well prepared, and that the forces in our own Galaxies, are in fact here to strip resources for the war fleet automated construction factories deep within the Nebula.

We here at ISN have managed to speak with Dr Eloise Schweitzer. She is lead scientist on the Collation research team that has been busy this last few years reversing engineering the A.I Tech. She has stated that the A.I appear to have developed a new advanced shielding technology along with a far more efficient F.T.L hyper-drive.

She also stated that the Coalition council had given the go-ahead for ‘Project Discovery’. In the least technical terms, it was explained that this project would investigate the creation of a series of probes that could not only enter the nebula, but traverse the F.T.L. network that the A.I seem to have created.

The project will be open to all Captains to help with, both in a resource sense, and also in CPU time shares. It is hoped that the computational power of as many ships and research systems as possible will speed up this first stage of the project.

Of course we need to know more about what’s going on deep inside the nebula. So far all attempts by military vessels to enter beyond the fringes where normal Harvesters operate, has been met with swift and overpowering A.I forces.

It seems that Project Discovery will open offices in all the main Galaxies on this side and that any and all captains will be able to take part. We will bring you more on this when were are given the final details.

Now over to Mandy Houndstock over at Starbase-51 where they appear to be holding an ‘I told you so’ party.

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk


  1. Crunch says:

    This was a great co-operative storyline for all of the Exiles! I can’t wait to see what the next stage brings us!

  2. Bullwyf says:

    The freaking AI!!! How dare they. I know, i know, its a thing, but man, these AI are bad hombres! We really got to band together and wipe these bad dudes out. And we are, its a big thing, the server as a whole has to come together to wipe them out. You can’t alone, neither can Bob over there. It is a huge teamwork thing and we are working our way through it.

    Listen, this is just one of the great things that are a story point here in Core Exiles. You don’t like this one? Cool, move on to the next story line. There are just sooooooooooo many things to do here in the universe created for us. Come over and partake!!! You will not be disappointed. There isn’t a better place to park and enjoy, Make a character here at CE and feel free to tell Bullwyf Hi!

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