Rare Ore Refinery (Settlement Deployed)

After much mulling over, and much head scratching I have today managed to get the Rare Ore Refineries located on Player Settlements to be somewhat more ‘fun’ for the owners.

But first a Global Change…

ALL Rare Ore Refineries have been given the same 720 Hour treatment as the Factories. This means when you deploy a refinery its starts counting down from 720 Hours (30 Days). During this time it will go about its usual actives working as per normal.

Once the counter reached 0 on the next pass it will be removed.

Now, I’ve been nice here and refineries removed are returned via instant courier to your ships store, plus any resources IN the hopper at the time moved to the local CS. See I can be nice too :)

The Nice part for the Settlement owners…

Should you have one of the Rare Ore Refineries Deployed on your settlement you get two nice additions. The first -For each Refinery ‘active and working’ at the time the ticker runs you will get a small bonus resource (of the type refined) added to your local Commercial Store. (this does NOT include your own) You only get the bonus from ‘other players’ refineries. So a good reason to get players using YOUR refinery :)

These ‘extra’ resources Do NOT come from the player but are skimmed from the Grivoc Industries share. So no one losses out and you gain.

The Second nice option is I’ve added the ‘Evict’ Option. As this is available for set owners on Gleso’s I figured it only fair here.

When evicting it WILL return the refinery DIRECTLY to the owner AND place their Hopper contents (if any) into the local CS. It also PM’s them of these facts.

Whilst this wont make anyone rich over night the boost from ‘other players’ refining at your settlement will over time be a nice bonus. Plus the addition of the Evict button gives you the chance to clear house if you think you might need it or your set is heading south.


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