Rapport Combat Contracts

This is a new one for CE and one that is the First to utilise those pesky ‘Rapport’ Levels I added a while back. For those that don’t know the rapport is the second line under your XP bar on the header. This one is based off completing various tasks for the citizens of the Core-Exiles Universe. Think of it as earning some respect.

If you want to read more on the subject, Find the Dev post OVER HERE


I have begun adding some new NPC’s to CE. This initial small batch are Combat Contract NPC’s. Don’t confuse them with Combat ‘Missions’ those stay the same and are not affected. These NPC’s will offer combat ‘Contracts’. You will also note that on the top right ‘View Tasks’ tab I have added a ‘Combat Contracts’ link. From there you can see if you already have one active and what it’s for and how many kills are still remaining. You can also complete, IE hand in the mission remotely using that tab. Saves you trying to locate the NPC that gave it to you later :)

So what IS a Combat Contract Coops?

Glad you asked. It’s simple really, you get to accept a Combat Contract to kill a bunch of ships. The difference between these and Combat ‘Missions’ is these are aimed at wide-ranging groups of ships.

So far I’ve added contracts for ‘Pirates‘ – those pesky pirates, any and all everywhere no matter where you find them, if they are flagged as a pirate they are good to kill and count. Commercial Contracts, yep for the hard-hearted captain out there playing pirate you can get contracts to wipe out Green Good guys. Any green target will do. Then we have Vermin in Verec-per, Confed based contracts and even Aliens in the Expanse.

So where a combat mission wants you to kill 10 or 20 of X in Y location (specifically) Contracts are faaaar more lax and will let you simply locate and kill regardless of location, long as they fit the contract remit.

You can carry ONE Contract at a time, so choose wisely. Each NPC will generate a Contract on the fly. Leave and comeback, and that contract will be replaced with another. But each NPC will generate contracts that fit their storyline bio.

OK, so why should I do these Coops?

Damn, you’re full of good questions! Contracts have some excellent reasons to do them.

A: If you’re already killing ships, why not get an extra nice payout for doing that anyway!
B: These contracts come with a special Bonus boost to XP and Credits. (Starting at 50% & 45% respectively)
C: When completed (and handed in) you get a nice Fat Credit and XP Reward, plus as it’s a social task you get a whack of Social Rapport XP too.
D: There is no rush on these, you could take one and have it active for a week or longer and then realise hey I just killed enough targets. Don’t forget the kills you’re tracking are on the combat footer as well, so easy to track.

Combat Contracts & Rapport Levels
The contracts you are offered are based heavily off your Rapport ‘Level’. Sadly you need to have at least Level 1 to be offered these contracts, but the higher your Social Rapport Level the better the chance of a generated contract. Even at level 1 it’s worth grabbing a contract as whilst it’s active any ship you kill of the contract type will gain you a massive XP and credit bonus.

These bonuses CAN top north of over 100% – Yes I said OVER 100%, starting in a nice area even for players with only level 1 in social Rapport level.

Initial NPC’s will be listed below, but you will need to locate further ones as I added them.

Fieron – Hamlin Outpost – Elsie Caddell (Pirate Bounty)
Kell Expanse – Hawks Hideout – Ersa Mcdonald (Commercial Bounty)
Kinbnal – Leran – Grizwald Everson (Verecian Bounty)
Sharaia – Krall II – Emma Durrant (Alien Bounty)
Noril – Starbase-134 – Rudy Pekar (Confederate Bounty)

Final word : These NPC’s are the first in a type that uses Social Rapport. You can expect to see Mining, Hauling and other types appear later.

Happy Hunting


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