A.R.C Project Underway

For over a year now the A.I have been a thorn in Humanities side. They arrived one day exiting the Nebula and began infesting the systems they appeared in. Slowly they grew and pretty soon all the systems containing Nebula were infected. So far they have not managed to spread beyond these initial systems. How much of that is due to Coalition forces, or good luck is debatable.

Little is really know about them and very little progress has been made by the Coalition either in combat or in research and development. It’s true that the Coalition have plans to lead a Genesis driven war plan against the AI using Genesis crafted Platforms. This is the current plan by the Military, but it’s not a plan shared by all.

The A.R.C Project is a privately funded group of like minded investors. They want to research and develop a deeper understanding of A.I. To this end they have today leased space on Promenades in all bar one of the Nebula infected systems. They have opened up collection offices (A.I Galactic Research) in an effort to collect as much of the newly declassified ‘safe to handle’ resources and commodities being located in AI loot.

It has to be said that A.R.C are not offering a kings random, but they are also offering a small XP stipend to go along with payments (in credits) for any of the items deposited at any of the new offices. They have linked these request databases together so it matters not which office you visit. Unfortunately they were not able to secure sufficient insurance to use Commercial storage systems. This means all deposits must be made from the Captains Ships Cargo store.

The investors in A.R.C know well enough that this won’t be an overnight success, but they feel it’s up to the everyday man to help in this new and exciting research into the A.I and its true intentions for mankind.


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