A.R.C. Project achieves breakthrough

Hello folks Gus Givens here with the latest news from around the galaxies.

Some of you may remember the A.R.C. project an independent privately funded research initiative operating outside the authority of the Coalition. Their ranks are quite diverse, from idealistic scientists who disagree with the Coalitions militaristic response to the AI and seek to attempt to communicate and perhaps reach peace with them, to corporations and private investors who seek to unlock the secrets of AI technology for personal profit and gain, and yet others who have loftier goals of perhaps one day controlling the AI themselves.

Whatever their motivations and no matter how questionable they may be, the A.R.C. project has been gathering parts from destroyed AI vessels and studying them for almost two months now, and they have announced their first breakthrough.

By studying the fragments of AI technology, particularly their computer cores, they have managed to uncover certain design features which allow the cores to be constructed quickly and efficiently from a variety of readily available resources, allowing the AI to rapidly replenish their ranks.

While this is not much use in the construction of standard star ship Ai’s, since the invaders neural architecture is radically different, their design does bear a remarkable similarities to planet based administration AI’s, generally housed in massive complexes and used to monitor day to day activities in large densely populated cities.

While their basic design has existed for centuries, pre-dating ship based AI, these AI’s have typically only been employed in the huge metropolises in the densely populated central regions of the sphere, VP and Furnace, as while they fill a similar role to a ships AI they are orders of magnitude more powerful and their extremely long and expensive manufacturing processes rendered them prohibitively expensive for anything smaller than these sprawling megacities.

However with these breakthroughs by A.R.C. new methods can be used to construct these behemoth complexes that cut their production costs dramatically, making them theoretically practical for even a small to medium sized settlement, and with the increasing complexity of privately owned settlements, such a construction will likely be in great demand.

After some internal debate, A.R.C. has decided to sell off the research and rights to subsequent patents from this discovery to a suitable schematics marketing company, apparently bidding is currently heated but we are likely to see a winner in the next few days, A.R.C is also in talks with the Naristro about potentially developing and marketing an alien variant of the new AI complex using expanse resources which is expected to hit the market at approximately the same time.

I don’t know about you folks but I sincerely hope any captains who can fit their settlements with these new Central AI complex buildings, I’ve been to quite a few setts in my time and events there get more crazy and hectic every day, some are only a few missteps away from a major disaster, though hopefully the implementation of a proper AI administrators will help remedy that, hopefully we’ll see them on the market soon.

This is Gus Givens signing off.

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