Purchase An Emporium License (Update)

Up till now there has not been a ‘definitive requirement’ for an Emporium. Many of you have managed to get buy without one and if in need to sell items have done so through the Player Market. But with this ancient antiquated system being removed at the end of the month it struck me that many of you will be looking to get an Emporium now.

When we added Emporiums some time back we didn’t want anyone everyone opening one nilly willy and there by 100’s of dead emporiums a month later. That doesn’t help anyone or the game economy. So we made them Festive Point and Store Bought options.

Recently I’ve seen numerous conversations spring up from ‘newer’ players on how they get an emporium and as soon as they are told its Store or Festive points they get either annoyed or in some cases have simply quit. I cant in some cases understand the frustrations and if coming from any other type of game they may find the block a rad annoying.

I still want to stop players from just opening a store on a whim, but i also want to allow those without funds or in-between festive periods the ‘option’ to open one as well.


Today I have added an option to the Boris and Sven Barter stores. They will now offer a ONE TIME Emporium license option for 1,500 Barter points. As barter points can be gained by trading in game related loot items this can be fairly easily obtained. Plus ifg you have a support network of players they can trade you these items to be bartered. That allows players to help players.

Those that WANT to help and Support CE can still do so and we THANK YOU for that patronage and support. Those that simply cannot now have TWO methods to gain an Emporium License.



  1. iwo607 says:

    I think, that is great. It’s easier to earn barter points, than festive points.

  2. Captain Cashew says:

    The Emporiums have been a good source of income for me in the game. If used correctly they can make you billions!

  3. Gorkus says:

    Even better than this is the fact that every store now comes with free advertising!

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