Project Discovery Goes Live

Today marks the first day the Project Discovery as initially mentioned inĀ THIS ISN Post. There are Seven offices open to all Captains across the known accessible Galaxies. For info on the project and how it will work and evolve please full read and digestĀ THIS POST.

Grantham – Kirby Station
Yam – Coalition 1
Dranor – Titania
Canby – Lorsolomon
Chethera – Habitat-91
Talos – Dillians Dream
Metri – Herschelii

This marks the start of a very long story line for CE, but brings many of the existing story lines together and will over time utilise most of the games resources bringing the player base together for a common goal.

You do NOT have to take part if you do not wish and if you read the full post you will understand that this is likely to be ongoing for a very long time. So each and every player old or brand new will have a chance to take part.


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  1. Captain Sylven says:

    Long term goals are even nicer as those who are interested with long term can participate in it, just like our short term challenges for example. So indeed jump in and get into core exiles for the long term Project discovery too! This is how core exiles is interesting!

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