Priority One

This is a priority one message by Gus Givens on behalf of the Coalition military, the Galactic planetary database is down after having suffered a critical infection by the Termite virus, your ships primary navigational equipment will be non-functional.

Reports of the virus are spiking sphere wide, all vessels are ordered to lock down all non-essential external communications and enable any weapons and cyber warfare suites they have equipped, all civilian vessels are advised to evacuate the space lanes and make port at the nearest available planet or station, this is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

Reports are coming in of heavy AI activity across the galaxies, large war fleets have been seen emerging from the nebulae in battle formations. To all combat ready ships, fall back to… [-Static-] …defensive positions, the Coalition are planning… [-Static-] …emergency anti-virus patch… [-Static-] …overwhelming forces, we are… [-Static-] … I repeat, under attack.

[-Transmission Terminated-]

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