Pirates disrupt party planning

Hello folks, Gus Givens here with a special report.

Apparently it’s been almost ten years since the Core Exiles project started and the Core began exiling its unwanted citizens to the sphere, in that time many of them have become hardworking and productive members of society, in everything from privateers to traders to miners with the most successful even opening their own settlements, and the spheres own economy and technological development has grown hugely as a result.

To celebrate, the architects of the Core Exiles project, known informally as ‘the staff’ have been organising a party to celebrate, however unfortunately due to the recent rise in pirate activity that has ensued since the Coalition directed the bulk of its military forces to defending against the AI, many of their supplies have been stolen.

However a collection to procure food and supplies such as fireworks for this party or ‘BBQ’ as some are calling it has been set up on several planets around the galaxies, many of them in more obscure backwater systems to limit the chance of being visited by marauding raiders. You can find these ‘BBQ’ collection points by using the finder tool available to all captains in the lower blue bar of your ships interface, its the icon that looks like a grey monitor, the third from the end.

It is expected that a number of competitions will be running during this time and captains are advised to keep an eye out for them in order to take part as everyone is invited to the party, there have also been rumours of a masked festive clown running around, pulling pranks and sometimes granting gifts to people, we are unable to verify who this clown is however and we have as yet had no comment from Rexx Shredd.

This is Gus Givens, signing off for now.

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