Penworthy Update & New Resources

Penworthy Industries
Today marks the day that Penworthy Industries become a Faction in game. You can review the rank alongside your normal Faction Standing. At this time only interaction with Advanced Refinery Management and the use of some new Merlin Devices will gain faction XP with Penworthy.

10 New Resources
Penworthy has released new technology that allows the use or Advanced Merlin Refinery’s to create 10 New resources. These resources will be used initially in the fight against the AI and also for future crafting.

The new resources are named after Ten staff that I wanted to add a token of my thanks to for their support and time given.

These new resources akin to the last set added from AI’s have a Zero Galactic price tag. That means essentially YOU decide their value from here on in. Prices are set by you the players rather than a ‘bargain basement price set by us’.


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