Penworthy Industries on the Rise

Penworthy Industries have today secured contracts with all the leading orbital refinery companies to add an enhance service to their platforms. It’s been a long trek for Penworthy Industries as they were blocked at almost every turn by O.R.S.A and the F.O.M.

Legal disputes over the newly reported Merlin Devices has kept them in court rooms for months, but today a high court judge overturned previous rulings and Penworthy Industries signed on the dotted line.

It is suspected that over the next few days Captains will begin to see an ‘Advanced Refinery Management’ systems appear on current Orbital Refinery platforms. This will allow for the Deployment of the companies new Range of Advanced Automated Drones and of course the deployment of the new Merlin Refineries.

More on this news when we have it.

ISN News Desk

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