ORSA Named Resource Change

Today, I have spent time peering into the abyss we call ORSA. (Planetary resource mining for the new players). There are as you will be aware a number of planets with what we call ‘Named Resources’. For instance, Copper Ore (Karanor) or Animal Feed (Wanish).

When we changed over to the Current ORSA system, three slots were left at the bottom for each ORSA screen to display up to 3 of the named planet’s resource. This is fine and dandy if the planet only has three, but what if it has four or in some instances 5. This led to waiting for the current ones to be mined out and hoping for a new spawn to roll the extra resource.

Well, that’s a thing of the past. I’ll let the ISN News desk fill you in on the why

From my perspective, the what and when is – Each planet will now have sufficient spawn slots to cope for any and all named planetary local resources. So no more waiting for a slot to spawn and hoping… You ‘should’ find that if you visit your named planets they will have 3,4 or in some cases Five slots now each filled with the named resources.


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