Olympic Festivities

Come Join in the fun here at Core-Exiles as we celebrate in our own way. 1000’s of Beacons have been seeded through the Universe for players to find, not to mention all the country flags you will need to collect to get a chance for this years special Olympic hand in.

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Core Exiles Olympic Festivities 2012

I took a few days off the core code to work on adding some Olympic items, plus a few nice touches for the CE Festive celebrations of the Olympics. Some of you will have been with us over the last World Cup and will remember we ran several competitions and also a primary Flag collection.

The Olympics being what it is I thought lets up the anti and also let you celebrate CE style. There will be two primary elements to the CE festivities and these both come in the format of Loot.

You will begin to see (after 9.00 PM on Friday) two new forms of Loot. These will be an Olympic Beacon and 34 differing CE Olympic Flags. The flags represent the countries YOU nominated.

Olympic Beacons
The beacons have been being seeded this week in preparation for the games and once the ‘Official Olympics’ begins we will activate the beacons. This means they will begin to appear in loot. Your task is to collect them. Each one is worth 1,000 XP and 5,000 Credits when handed in at an Olympic Center. (See below).

Handing in the Beacons is simple but you will need to decide which Team / Country to support when handing them in. Note you can only hand in one at a time and the beacons will SELF TERMINATE on the 13th of August making them useless to hoard. They are simply for helping your country win and collecting a XP and credits whilst doing it.

CE Olympic Flags – Collection
The Flags are worth 10 Festive Points each and can be traded in at the Festive center if you so wish. They CAN also be traded should you wish. This is because there is a special prize for collecting an entire set of 34.

You can hand in an ‘entire collection’ (one of Each flag) at the Olympic Centers. Simply click the Check Flag button and the staff will check you have the correct flags. If correct ; the flags will be removed from your store and you will be awarded the following Prize.

500 Sven Points + 500 Festive Points

1 X New Trinity (Olympic Revision) – See CEDR for Details.
1 X ECO Repair Manager License account Upgrade.
The ECO RML was already in the works but as so many of you have been chatting about alternative ways to repair your ECO i though we may as well release it now. You CAN if you WISH purchase the ECO RML direct from the CE store as of today. OR you can try and make a full 34 Flag collection during the next 2 weeks and get one for Free. The Choice is yours.

If you visit a Repair Center on any Promenade today you will see that the ECO Repair facility is already wired in and working. I will leave you to review that yourselves.

Please note you may only hand in ONE full set of flags for the reward. After that the Check Flag option will reject any further tries.

CE Olympic Dates
The CE Olympics will begin at 9:00 PM Friday the 27th when the Beacons will activate for loot and you will begin finding CE Olympic Flags. The games will END at 9.00 PM on 12th August (Game Time). Olympic Loot will stop appearing at that time.

At 9.00 PM the official winner will be announced and a Server Wide 1,000 Fuel ticket issued.

Olympic Beacons will self terminate and disappear from your Inventories on the 13th.

Flag Set Hand in Expire
The Olympic Offices will remain open until the 15th of August for any last minute Flag Set hand ins. After that time the only way of obtaining a ECO Repair Manager License account Upgrade will be via the CE Official Store.

Olympic Center Locations – Now Open

Darius – Ethan
Pyragles Base – Gainsboro
Yeltsim – Franklyn
Zwanziq Station – Sunrise

Sabian – Yam
Yonartthakr – Tantas

The Forge
Berolina – Zarante

Fujimori – Trantor

Edna – Mostony
Otaio – Oengo
Habitat-87 – Elmquae

ARK-09 – Aurelia
Starbase-140 – Kirzhach
Janus Station – Metri
Trade Hub 59 – Pevek
Lucious Port – Blake

Happy Hunting and may the best country win!


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  1. PrimeMcNee says:

    I like the extra challenge from this Special Event and appreciate all the time Coops and maybe others spend on this.
    It´s nice to be in a game community that helps eachother to have fun in this game.

  2. Albert Ross says:

    Other than joining a guild these “Festivals” are next best for allowing me to get to know other characters and players; how they play, their weaknesses and strengths. their honesty measure, their involvement. and concentration areas. Wooomph! Enough said.

  3. Walhabie says:

    This is exactly why I love this game. Other games will toss together something quick using the same game system already existing and claim it is a unique event…. “Oooohhh… build 300 dragons in support of your nation….” But in Core-Exiles there all kinds of unique events, and they are built to have fun and give the players a goal to try to reach. While at the same time not putting the bar too high so you have to play 24/7 just to have a chance.

    Go Team 🙂

  4. admin says:

    There is still plenty of time to get those Olympic Flag collections completed. You will need 34 in total one of each type. Then simply drop them off at a local Olympic Center.

    Read more here : http://www.coreexilesforum.com/index.php?threads/core-exiles-olympic-festivities.1760/

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