October Wrap Up

Coops here….

As everyone is aware (unless you live under a rock on Hoth) it’s the last few days of the Witching Month of October. So I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to remind you of a few key things…

I do so hate the blues of the first listening to Captains bang their heads on tables saying:

‘Why oh why didn’t I read the posts’

So in an effort to make sure you DON’T Loose out, take the time to read the posts below 🙂

Pumpkin Reporting
Have you reported a promenade Pumpkin to the competition thread. You only need report ONE, but that report gets your name in a draw. Trust me you will kick yourself if you didn’t take part!

Closes – 10:00 AM on the 1st of November

Pumpkin Reporting Read Here

14 Pumpkins to Coops
Have you dropped off 14 unique pumpkins (a full set) to Coops this month? Did you THEN POST!!! in the thread for the competition. That last part is important. The rewards for that are fat and tasty in a CE kind of way 🙂

Closes – Midnight on the 5th of November

Pumpkin For Coops Read Here

Voice an Opinion & Win
Did you spot this competition? Simply visit our News.core-exiles.com site. Post a comment on any of the news posts there and then return to the competition thread to claim your Christmas Resource Token! Trust me come December you will kick yourself for not taking part in these types of competitions!

Closes – Midnight on the 30th of November

Reward for Posting Read Here

Upcoming Coops Challenge
That’s right you’re reading it correctly! We are starting the planning for our annual November Coops Challenge. Dates to be announced but will be around the second week of the month I suspect. This gives you the players the chance to ramp up the value of the Christmas Resource Token and win a boat load of goodies to boot! More will be posted as we move into November.

Upgrade & Celebration Tokens
You will have been getting these (slowly) through the Festive hand out for simply playing Core-Exiles. Hopefully you have been collecting these 🙂 I’ve had the first few captains handing in sets of Coops Upgrade tokens. But, you have till the 1st of January to collect a set (or 2 or 3 lol) so worry not. The Celebration tokens… well that I’m staying tight lipped on that, other than to say… Collect them!

Last Few Chances for Top Deal!
With the last few days of October approaching, it’s now time to consider supporting Core-Exiles. We have a wicked ‘Buy one and claim one FREE’ from a set list deal. This is a MASSIVE saving if you have been looking at items in the list. Not to mention countless actual discounted items in the store.

October Discounts and BOGOF Offers Read Here

Have a fun Halloween and remember to stay Safe Folks!



  1. marcsp says:

    Like Coops said above, I can’t believe so many captains pass over these competitions. They are so easy!
    I literally only play maybe 30 minutes a day, and still got all the pumpkins and tokens I need. No extra effort
    other than coming to the forums and posting a claim. How much easier can it be??

    But I do have a gripe: we need more Special expansions! I have all the ship expansions (all 15 special slots)
    and ITS NOT ENOUGH. I picked up 2 Cargo+30 specials this year and have no space, and I don’t want to
    remove my existing equipment.
    How about a special reward during this coming festive season (a special+5 upgrade?). In addition to existing ones of course. Maybe an expansion for PODS as well??? That’s my Christmas wish from SantaCoops.

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Have got to love those festive events. Two ‘Halloween Cargo +30 Pods’ and a ‘Halloween Device’ so far. Slowly, my cargo capacity is growing.

    Also, while blasting one innocent ship after another out of the water … err, I mean space, I have looted a really great shield and cargo expander. A very nice bonus in addition to getting the above pods.

    Here’s to the upcoming Challenge Event also being a blast.

    Adam Smith

  3. Ophelia says:

    October has been another excellent month, so many things to do and so many amazing rewards to obtain through collections, hunting pumpkins and wonderful upgrades from the Coops Upgrade Tokens. A huge THANK YOU! to Coops for making the season so special. I can’t wait for Christmas! Santa Coops even rewards the naughty ones! 😛

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