October & Halloween

I know its still early in the month, but I thought I’d take the time to announce we will be gearing up shortly for this year’s Halloween fun and Festivities. You can expect to see us giving away Candy, pressies and all kinds of festive items. We are also arranging something slightly different this year along side the collect and hand in normal activities.

Also I must make a fact clear. When we did the last Flag Competition we bought in a new ruling. This was that with each of the major events we would cull the festive items shortly after the event expired. This is healthy for the game in the long run as it stops stock piling for next year, and ensures everyone hands in their loot or uses it for Festive Trade.

This Halloween will be one of those times. Many of you still have left over Halloween items from last year and these WILL be valid this year. But after the Halloween events are over and the loot has fallen from the loot tables we will announce a cull date (usually 30 days after the events finish.). At that time all Halloween festive items will be deleted from the game.

This is the first year we have started doing this but as the year roles on and we cull the 10’s of thousands of items stored waiting a festive event, it will make it a more healthy series of events.

As I said above, if you still have Halloween items left over from last year they WILL count for this year, so you won’t loose out. If you simply don’t want to take part this year then turn them in for festive points before the announced culling.

We hope to create a few nice prizes this year for Halloween and of course the Trickster NPC’s will be out in force this year along with some extra things to keep your eye’s peeled for.

That’s of course alongside forum, Facebook and Twitter competitions!


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  1. Solitary7 says:

    Wow! This sounds fantastic. How do we win these prizes? Can we win them by doing our normal stuff? How do we particapate?

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