November Festivities

November Festivities

OK for November is upon us! Errr what happened to October. I swear the older I get the faster time moves!

Anyway, so lets recap. Last month you were collecting, handing in and generally being swamped in Pumpkins. We handed out 8,955 of them via the Festive Ticker. There are a LOT of them still rolling around in Captains Holds. You have till Midnight on the 15th of November to deal with these pesky items. After that they will vanish from your holds.

You can still trade them in for Halloween Pods at the Halloween Exchanges. – I’ll be Leaving those open till the 14th of November. Of course you can still just simply hand them into the Festive Center for Festive points.

With November here the Festive Ticker has been given a new mandate, and will begin handing out new types of festive items along with the Coops Upgrade Tokens & Core-Exiles Celebration Tokens. These new items are as follows :

Thanksgiving Celebration 1 though 3
Movember Awareness Token
Guy Fawkes Print 1 through 10

Festive NPC’s
We have this morning recalled all the Halloween NPC’s and sent out a swath of November Festive replacements. These staff will be looking for your Paintings. Meanwhile you’ll soon begin to see competitions arrive in the Forums for collections of the other items. So Keep them or trade them or swap them to friends and enemies, but keep some spare Just in Case!

Coops Challenge

The official dates for the Thirteenth Coops Challenge are as follows 16th November 10:30 AM Till 30th November 14:00. I will release the full details closer to the 16th. But keep in mind this will include a Full blown Mech War. So all those festive packs you have been picking up (thanks to Madmaxxx in chat and Korth in RAID rewards) will be very much needed come the Challenge!

Remember, every stage in this coming challenge adds to the total value for the Christmas Resource Token in December!

Keeping an Eye open
CE is as much about diversity and choices as anything else. When it comes to competitions that rings true. It’s up to YOU to read the Dev posts, keep an eye on the Competition forums and check in regularly on the news site. I will be posting more competitions this month so KEEP an eye open and READ things…


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  1. Albatross says:

    Once again, a competition and challenge provide a drug-free way to deal with insomnia.

    I’m looking forward to the coffee overdose!

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