New Specials – Hunbaba Request

Hunbaba made some good points in a post over in the suggestions thread and I wanted some distraction from constant Starbase and Olympic code, so I looked into its feasibility. Turned out the request had validity in some respects, so I decided to follow up.

Here we have two new Specials. These relate to the ‘Locking’ of targets for Later Salvage, either by yourself or by your Guild. If you’re new here, you may not realise that you can salvage your own wrecks and those of others (that are not locked) if you have the correct ‘Gear’.

Guide on Salvaging OVER HERE
What Do I need to Salvage OVER HERE

Both guides kindly added to the guides site by Akkamaddi.

OK so for those that are NOT New….

As you’re aware you have to give up one of your opening salvoes if you want to lock the target and also current tools do not lock AI ships. Well, look no more, everyone pat Hunbaba on the back. These two new ‘Specials’ add the ability to ‘auto lock’ any target you attack. That’s right, fit the sucker in your specials slot and fire and forget :)

These are a STORE PURCHASED support and come in two flavours, personal bio locked to the captain pulling the trigger, or Guild Friendly versions locking your kills for your guild mates.

Final Note: These in no way affect the need for scanners and such salvage gear. You still need to be able to ‘see’ the target, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your kills are locked for you and your guild at no extra effort.


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