New Promenade Finder

Core-exiles has grown a lot in the last few years, new galaxies, more NPC’s more companies, more Settlements and more promenades to visit. Initially we always said ‘keep a pad and pen handy’ as CE will require one, but as the game has grown it’s now time we feel to release to you a tool we have been using ourselves for a while now.

The footer has another icon. Its over next to the left of the map icon. It’s a promenade search tool and was initially designed by Prev for staff to use as a look up tool when looking at opening and closing promenade stores.

I figured these days with so much to try and remember that this tool might add a modicum of ‘sanity’ to your lives. It may take a short while to open and load the full data depending on your internet speeds, but we have had a thumbs up from testers as far afield as Australia and New Zealand so it can’t be all that bad :)

Once loaded simply use the search box in the top left. The tool itself also has sortable columns and will take partial or multiple words as filters. IE searching for ‘NPC’ will bring up all the NPCs listed but if you add ‘NPC Verec’ it will list NPC’s in Verec-Pec.

We did spend some time contemplating adding this for everyday use by players, but I think its time that you were given this type of tool, and it will certain end a lot of new players getting frustrated trying to find the simplest of things like the NPC they need to go back to or the nearest Ashar.

We hope you like it!



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