New Pods for Olympic Rewards

I sat with the staff this afternoon and discussed if we should shuffle the Pods on offer for the Olympic rewards this year. For the last few years, they have been pretty much upgraded clones of the Trinity pod. They differed in that they level with you. So as you pass certain captain levels, they increase their stats.

The Beijing Device
Whilst the first Olympic Pod (reward for the 82 flag hand in) is not totally different, it is a Super Pod and should be on your shopping list of ‘wants’. The Beijing Device is a beefed up Cargo Only Pod. This one levels up to 187 with a much increased cargo increase. In fact, from level 1 all the way up to 187 this thing kicks cargo ass! Whilst it doesn’t have Energy or such like increases, that actually makes it an easier pod to manage. You only require an empty cargo hold to remove this, instead of the current ‘strip down’ effect of the Trinities.

The Beijing Paralympic Device
This one is a deviation from the norm. Since the change over of the method for 365 day access to the Coops Upgrade System through the ‘Dev Revision Upgrades’ offices, players have begun to soak up their collection of the Coops Upgrade Tokens. For some of you that have been supporting regularly in the store, I know you have a fair few sloshing around waiting for the next major update. But, for most players, that’s not the case and collecting the Tokens is a part-time hobby.

This pod solves that in a way. Simply fit the pod and play. As you play the pod will process data and when it’s processed enough will PM you that the data has been processed and passed on. In return, you will receive a Coops Upgrade Token.

This will allow ‘Every One’ the chance to earn / collect these useful tokens. So that when the time comes round to upgrade your latest find you will have the tokens on hand!.

This pod is the reward for handing in the Paralympic Tokens (20).

I hope you enjoy these two new pods.


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