New Mission Type – Manufacturing

Recently I’ve been catching up on some of the posts regarding what you felt was an imbalance in crafting when comparing it as a Career. To be honest, we never actually designed it to be a solo career. As such it is so open to the market fluctuations it is never going to be one you could use as a balanced primary profession.

But we do listen and we do understand that a lot of you enjoy the crafting element to Core-Exiles. So I sent the Orcs back down the pit and they dragged out a new function that I’ve crafted (excuse the pun) into a Mission System for crafters.

If you don’t want to read any further and just want the hard facts there is a PRIMER – OVER HERE

For those interested in some further details about this read on.

The system is loosely based on the Courier system and as such you will be presented a mission to take. Don’t want it? Fine come back later they will offer you another one. These missions will refresh about every 10-40 mins and are just for you.

The difference between courier missions becomes immediately evident when you realise the Schematics are GIVEN to you if you accept. You then craft the items and the schematic and the crafted items are then taken off you when you complete the mission.

These schematics also have a new feature – they are build limited. This means you can’t get one and go build 10K of the units just for the XP. If the mission needs 10 XYZ’s the schem will only craft 10 XYZ’s

This mostly came about due to the fact that junior players have no real way to make funds through crafting. Again back to my primary point in a market like CE’s your not really expected to. Its about self sufficiency and being ABLE to make what you need. Not about profit…


The system won’t offer missions to newbies that they can’t skill into and find the most basic of resources. Of course the higher you level the more range of schematics the NPC can open up to you. That means that players in the 180’s have access to all the schematics we add to the new NPC database. It does NOT mean they will only get offered only high level ones lol. It means the NPC has more range to offer.

Junior newcomers should be able to now make a living from this system. Sure they will still need to place Extractors and Combat / Trade for the resources but they will find the the XP and credits works out in their favour.

Also a lot of players tell me they don’t do Courier missions for Credits, but for XP. This again will work nicely for those types of players.

New Players
I would SERIOUSLY ask new players reading about this new crafting NPC system to READ THE PRIMER It’s very important you review the schematic whilst talking to the NPC. Check out the resource requirements and the Skills (Manufacturing & Production). You have 72 hours to complete the builds AND deliver it.

If you don’t know where the delivery location is go find out first! Comeback and then take the mission.

More Schematics – I will be ramping up the NPC’s list of Schematics they can draw from. These NPC’s currently have around 40 but this will likely be more like 200+ by the end of the week. So bear with the system as its improved and stocked.

We aimed this as low to mid level players initially, that doesn’t mean that high level players cant utilise the system just bear in mind we have not loaded it with top level schems yet.



  1. king david says:

    i recieved a camp faction token. did i miss its value?. i read all i could find.

    i am really happy so far.

    • Shinter says:

      There should be some information in the item description in your ships stores. Additional details will be revealed in the future 😉

  2. king david says:

    this sounds awesome. i try to use crafting as a primary source and struggle . hopefully this will help

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