New items and Haley Brock

Hello folks, Gus Givens reporting to you from across the galaxies, it appears that with the ongoing efforts to fight against the AI the alliance has been increasing its defense budget, a large portion of this budget has been allocated to Haley Brock, an alliance commander who will be offering missions to interested privateers for a reasonable payment.

Captains should be warned though, Miss Brock has a reputation for being somewhat of a hard ass, and her missions can be equally prickly, it is recommended you be a competent combateer before you go seeking employment from her.

In other news, a variety of new metals, minerals and crystaline items have been surfacing in recent days as the enhanced ships operating system combined with tweaks to the loot scanning and tractoring systems have resulted in a plethora of previously unsalvagable items being recovered, while currently useless they apparently have interesting potential and are being looked into by researchers and engineers.

This is Gus Givens signing off, fly safe.

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