New Implant Shell System
Added Today!

Last week we added Catherine Jones – NPC & the Bureau of Statistical Analysis. This enabled you to go grab a Free Pod and start collecting Bio Implant Modules as a reward for the Snoop Pod data collected.

Today we have released a large module to the game that allows you to create Implants of your own design by crafting Implant Shells and then using the B.I.M’s you collect along with a new Service – M.A.R.V.I.N Implant Service.

I have written a PRIMER GUIDE OVER HERE – I suggest you all give it a read. Even if you don’t ever use it at least you will start to understand how important the B.I.M.’s are if not to you than for others.

Have fun with this one :)



  1. Korthen says:

    Really like the flexibility the new Shell/BIM system gives to skill boosts. Or will once I collect enough BIMs!

  2. BazingaSru says:

    Hello 🙂
    Well, it will take some time, before I will be able to gather all things and use those new implants, but I can’t wait to wear first one!
    Thank you Coops for your work! 🙂


  3. LocutusBorg says:

    Nice! I just love new shiny things, especially when they give so juicy profits 😀
    Now, where is my BIM’s bag…

  4. Galfling says:

    Ah, that was a great idea Coops! Finally, I will get rid of waist implat I’m using now and put something with more useful skill for me than energy weapon 😛
    Well, as soon as I gather all necessary things 😀

  5. Fjiekie says:

    Finally, better implants, now lets see the price tag and see if there is a profit to be made, opportunities everywhere 🙂

  6. pikolinianita says:

    Wow, Very nice update. I think it is bit overpowered, but it ‘ll take time to exploit it 🙂

  7. Honest Ivor says:

    A wonderful addition. It makes the whole implant system much more useful.

  8. Hodgins says:

    The new Implants system is just the latest example of how Core Exiles continues to expand on and evolve the gaming experience. I have been playing Core Exiles for more then a year and continue to be astonished at the depth of play it contains. All aspects of Core Exiles are extremely well crafted and add to the holistic experience of this game.

  9. Gruntok says:

    This addition to the game will be awesome! Just thinking of the stacking bonuses we will be able to have, and all tailored to each ones needs.. makes me extatic!

  10. Lost Queen says:

    : )

    I’m looking forward to building these. I’ll finally get to increase the skills I want/use, without having to increase ones I don’t need.

    : )

  11. Shinter says:

    Absolutely love the flexibility this new system adds to how players can augment their skills. Also adds a new type of item (the B.I.M’s) that will be fun to collect and trade over the coming months/years to get the ideal combinations to suit my specific needs. A great addition to the game!

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