New Halo Pods Arrive

I have created a new Series of Pods called the ‘Halo’ Pod. This series of new pods runs through many of the existing pod ranges in game, but offers a more ‘senior’ version with far less pod points required. Allowing those of you that have been playing for a while and gained the levels under your belt to save on those precious pod slots and points.

The current Halo Range covers the following :

Minos Hyper-G Halo 1
Minos Hyper-G Halo 2
Minos Hyper-G Halo 3
Minos Hyper-G Halo 4
Trinity Device Halo 1
Daedalus Armour Halo 1
Seraphim Explorer Halo 1
Aurora Deflector Halo 1
Babylon Scan Halo 1
G.E.O.R.D.I – Halo 1
Mako Device Halo 1
Messiah Turret Halo 1
Taser Shield Halo 1
Reduction Matrix Halo 1
Reduction Matrix Halo 2
Terranor Halo 1
Terranor Halo 2

You can find the new Halo’s over in the CE store OVER HERE and after I’ve had a coffee and caught up I’ll also add them into the VIP Patreon in game store.

Please note, Pods are not in this month’s BYCOF deal. Refer to the July discounts and Sales for items that are. These pods will be handy for many captains struggling with Pod Points or simply looking to upgrade to the very latest top tier pod in the range.

Note: Please ensure to VERIFY you have fully read the new pods descriptions and understand their benefits and limits.


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