New Genesis Production Building

Currently, the Genesis system has Four Manufacturing buildings. These take the Genesis collected QMG resources and manufactures QMG end products. These buildings are the Leonov, Moya, Kassandra & Venture.

Well now there is a Fifth one, The Mokosh!

Genesis Manufacturing – Mokosh

This facility is one of four currently designed by the coalition scientists, along with valuable research by the Galactic Research Project. Once deployed, they are self maintained and require little to no maintenance.

As with most of the Genesis style buildings, this is constructed using Genesis Schematics, allowing this building to be manufactured by any able crafter with the correct resources.

Note: The Genesis Manufacturing – Mokosh manufactures both QMG – Biologicals & QMG Cybernetics at a given rate per hour. This rate can be increased via research.

Power Requirement: 18,000 Units
Daily Running Cost: 3,000 Credits

The Mokosh can be crafted (see Geo Tech Labs) or purchased from the CE Official Store – Check out the Mokosh

This last building completes the manufacturing stage of the Genesis process, making way for a new slew of Production buildings coming up for the Genesis Element of Battleship production.


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