New Genesis Preparation

New Genesis Preparation (addition)

As part of the forth coming Battleship building program, Genesis Deployments will be playing their part with many new items being manufactured using new Factories. Having reviewed how many players occupy and run their deployments, it’s become obvious that you’re going to need a little more ‘room’.

So for those of you wishing to not only mine your local QMG resource, manufacture the QMG end commodities AND build battleships sections without having to juggle the buildings… I give you a second Genesis Deployment Account Upgrade – Stage 2.

Many of you already have the first G.D.A which adds Five new slots to your Deployment. The second one does the same adding yet another Five slots.

You can purchase and add these in any order you wish, but each can only be added once each.

In total, that gives you a possible 20 slots for your Genesis. Easing the pressure of what to fit and what to remove.

More Power?
You might also start to find yourself struggling with Power. Knowing this and knowing that another raft of buildings is coming, I have also added an additional A.I Genesis Fusion Reactor S3

The latest in A.I Genesis Fusion Reactors, is like its siblings in that it can also be acquired in game using A.I Fragments. But should you wish to show your support and rejig your power for your deployment, these big S3’s will come in very handy.


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