New Coops Hand-In Method

Had some ‘actual time’ on my hands today, so cranked up the code mill and added something I’ve been meaning to add for over a year now. I’m sure it will be a welcome addition to many of you that Play CE on a habit close to a coke / caffeine addiction :)

Every so often, I hold a ‘Coops Hand-in competition’. Generally these are collect X amount of X items and then ‘Send them to me’ then PM me its done, or post in a thread it’s done. Tedious sometimes when the items number so many.

Well no more finger aching mouse cruelty is required :)

From now on (when indicated) I will run the collection / hand ins in a much easier format. The Competition post will be made, and then you will find a Red Banner at the top of your PM’s Game section. This is a click link that will do an automated check of your Ships Store items against the current Coops Handin.

If it finds the right items (full set) it will grab them and then PM Me (Coops) that you have completed the process. I will then process your rewards when I next check my PM’s.

It also checks for ‘Have you done this already etc’. This process cuts out the tedious sending one at a time process and streamlines checking if you have them all :)

I will always announce that this method is being used (when applicable) and try to use this for my ‘Coops Hand-ins’.

Happy Hunting…

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