New CES Harvesters

Many of you are familiar with the ideas behind Harvesters. They patrol sectors of the Nebula and search for various hard to reach resources. They are linked to your Survey skill and require Dyz Fuel to perform their task. Once fuelled and a resource located they can begin to Harvest said resource till their hoppers are full or until the resource runs dry or they run short of Dyz fuel.

To help aid in this ‘collection’ we have today released two new types of Nebula Harvester. Both are available in game and in the CE Store. Through the Festive store you can purchase these or support us via the CE Store.

These two Harvesters are both Structure Point Free and form part of the CES items in the Store.

Like all the other CES items you may only own Five of these (regardless of type) in total. They are non tradeable and cannot be submoled.

Like other Harvesters they have their own stats and requirements so please read their details BEFORE purchasing.

Happy Hunting


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