New CE Landing Page

We have been re-jigging a lot this last month and the last edit has been to the primary ‘landing page’ This page has been pretty much the same wordpress default page since we started over a decade ago. With things as they are I wanted something that was lighter on its feet, more simplistic and less ‘overload’.

This new landing page is in keeping with the actual game login. It gives you access to 90% of the links you used to have and still keeps itself fast loading and in keeping with the CE way.

The old landing wordpress site (the one with all the news and posts etc) has been moved to This one is still fully accessible and is where I will continue to post news articles. We closed down the old Timeline site a while back and this will take over the job of becoming an historical posting location.

It’s also where we will STILL run our ‘comment and win’ type competitions.

For those who used to use any of the side links on the old landing page you’ll find them still located on the site.

For those counting we now have – Landing page – The Game itself – News Portal – The Stats Portal – The Forums – The Official Guides – Bugtrack for CE and PT



  1. Kaloseidos says:

    The switch went so smoothly! Coops, you rock, and every day I find more reasons to love this game! I love knowing I have things to keep me busy for a very long time. Thank you!

  2. Maro Marecki says:

    Nice change, it makes everything much cleaner and more new-player friendly.

  3. Danik says:

    But…but… but…its….its… different!


  4. Mark3430 says:

    It’s great, faster loading and it’s always good to have options, thanks for the new and old login link options.

  5. Albatross says:

    I like the new page! Clutter is gone; very clean, links make sense. Nice work boss!

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