New Automated Merlin Refineries

As is my way from time to time, I like to give praise to the staff and all the work they do. As unpaid staff, they take their fair share of stick and sometimes become the butt of my frustration when I can’t get something to work or need it testing for the umpteenth time.

They help out in many unseen ways as well as those you CAN see in the forums and in Discord. They work using many of the tools and systems we give them to ensure CE runs as smoothly as it can and inform me when it is not, lol.

We named a series of AMR refineries after the last main batch of Staff and seeing we currently have a new one I figured it was time to name something after them too :)

AMR – Bethanite
AMR – Fliveralt
AMR – Korthinite
AMR – Madmaxsium
AMR – Skynite
AMR – TechnoBeastite
AMR – Wolframite

Click the Text above to review the AMR’s in the CE Store.

These Seven new AMR items are deployed on the Orbiting Refinery ‘Advanced Refinery Management‘ screen. You will need to be Level 25 and have 130 in Refining Skill. Once deployed, they use various resources directly FROM the Captain’s Global Refinery Account. They run once an hour and if the resources are there they will produce 25 units of the given resource. Check each AMR for the resources required.

These are the new Resources themselves


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