New Art – Settlements

There are 281 images used within Settlements. These range from weapons, shields to the buildings placed upon the various screens, the primary Settlement loadout. The Bunker for housing, power and research and the latest ‘Business’ bunker to be utilised for extra space and of course those ‘pesky’ permanent buildings.

Well, I have redone ALL of these images. Given them all the ‘new look’. Brining them up to date with the NPC styling and the way in which images will be treated from now on as I update them.

Each screen has had the background art cleaned up as well, making them less blurry, and as I stated they are now all of ‘One Style’.

You may find refreshing each screen enough to get your browser to show the new art, or you MAY have to clear your browser cache. If you find any missing images, IE ones where the game displays a dead looking grey box, please let me know preferable in PM via discord.

This (Settlements) is the first major move to a new form of unified art and will be followed by the other sectors of the game Corporations, Genesis etc.

Yes I will be doing the ship loadout, but that’s a LOT of images, and I’m still tinkering with a way to replace them that doesn’t include me going insane :)


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