New Advanced Mining Drones

Lots going on today :)

ADV Automated Mining System

New Resources, new refineries and a new advanced refinery interface. BUT… it’s all useless without the release of a series of new advanced Mining Drones.

These new drones perform a new action. Normal drones are limited to locating ORE and only ore. The new drones are way more intelligent and will mine an Asteroid Field for everything else. They specialise in locating rocks left behind by corporate miners and captains who cant be bothered with small amounts.

They locate and mine the resources, then drop them back at the local refinery – just like their smaller dumber brethren. Unlike their fellow drones these drop their resources in to an Advanced Ore Store on the refinery. So before you rush off to craft these items please take the time to READ the Primer on the Advanced Refinery. This includes a section on the Advanced Ore Store.

These new Drones have their own Captain levels, drone skill requirements and cost 3 Drone Points. They are player made and there is also a store bought range (will be added in a few hours).

Overall today we have added 90 new schematics to the game across Warstrider Schematics & Coopers Schematic Supply.

Happy Hunting


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