Nemausa – FREE from A.I Control!

Hi there folks, Gus Givens here with some great news!

Yesterday news came in that the coalition forces managed to complete stage 10 of the invasion on Nemausa over in Arclight.

It’s taken a long time to wrest control of Nemausa from the A.I invading forces. A long drawn out battle has lead to this victorious outcome. This is the Second planet now to be returned to Human control.

Work is now starting to clear the way to what was once the major population centers. Now burnt out horror shows for the Tri-Ve camera crews entering these locations with the forward military convoys. Like on Toyila there is little sign of human life.

Most of the actual buildings remain intact but the population it appears has been systematically killed. When the A.I first invaded there were over 12.8 million human souls on Nemausa. A mass service for Nemausa’s inhabitants will be held this coming Sunday.

Construction Engineers have been extremely busy on the primary landing port and reinstated some of the planets essential services, and even managed to convince Wesbec to open an office there to help with initial freight movement.

General Smithers made a statement that they would remain at Three planetary targets for now, whilst they regrouped and analysed the current war effort. It was noted also that a large percentage of the coalitions engineering force was being utilised to help rebuild both Toyila and Nemausa.

Gus Givens bringing you the latest news and events.

ISN News Desk
Gus Givens

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