Nebula Service Advanced Management

A little while back I was put in my place by the community over the subject of using Real Fuel for Nebula Harvesters. I was likely feeling light headed when I floated the idea lol. But the thread did yield some interesting points. So much so that I have decided to add a Supporters Account Upgrade option for the Nebula Miners out there.

I give you the ‘Nebula Service Advanced Management’

The Nebula Service advanced management is a remote management system that replaces the normal ‘View Harvesters’. It enables a series of functions not normally possible unless ‘at the Nebula’. It also allows for transfers directly from the local Commercial Store for Dyz Fuel and collected Resources.

Once activated the options are :

Refuel: Dyz Fuel is taken from the LOCAL Commercial Store and the tanks topped off.

Empty Hopper: The Hopper contents are deposited into the LOCAL Commercial Store.

Recall: You may recall a Harvester any time. Recalling, empties the hopper into the Local Commercial store, dumps any excess fuel and returns the Harvester to your Ship Store.

Activate: If a Harvester has become inactive due to either a full hopper, lack of fuel, or simply the current resource has run out, you may Reactivate it. This will return the Harvester to the field and start the Survey Process once more. The Harvester will require fuel to remain active.

The last option ‘Activate’ is very handy should you have forgotten to maintain your Harvester and allowed the hopper to fill or the Fuel to run out. The Harvester in these cases will go ‘inactive’ and normally need to be visited and recalled and then redeployed.

This upgrade enables you to send a ‘Reactivation Signal’ to the Harvester. It then comes out of hibernation and starts a fresh Survey session looking for a new resource. Of course you still have to make sure it has room to collect and also fuel, but that saves you a lot of time and effort.

You can review this Account Upgrade Over Here (New Window). I’ve also added the link to the Normal Harvester View screen for those in future who don’t see this post.


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