Naristro in talks with Coalition

Greetings folks, Gus Givens here with the latest developments around the six galaxies, today we’ll be looking at some on-going events unfolding right now in the Expanse.

The Naristro have been in high level talks with the leaders of the Coalition for several days now ever since a ship carrying several of their ambassadors docked at Coalition 1 a little under a week ago, shortly after the AI crisis was stabilised. While the exact topic of the talks is currently being kept secret, it’s been speculated that the Naristro may be attempting to use their current assistance with the aforementioned crisis, as well as their defence of human settlements in the expanse as leverage over the Coalition in some sort of deal.

Although it’s so far not been confirmed, the talks may also have been related to the recent expansion of Union passenger services to locations in the Expanse, while it has been confirmed that a high level Union representative is also present on Coalition 1, the Union passenger service has declined to answer our inquiries, though it could simply be that they are overseeing the setup of new union terminals in the galaxy.

Union has recently invested in a huge expansion across multiple galaxies, almost doubling the number of Union passenger terminals, it’s speculated that the Unions assistance in evacuating civilian refugee’s from many of the words recently stricken by AI attacks may have allowed to curry a certain amount of favour with the major factions within the Coalition, such as the Gal-fed, leading to less resistance to their plans, Union spokesmen assure us however they will do their best to work with local passenger services rather than simply driving them out of business.

But anyway, back to events in the Expanse, Its suspected that the talks will come to a head in the next week or so and we will get an official press release about their subject matter, in a possibly related note there are rumours that some of the Alien stores will soon be updating the list of schematics they offer to humans, while the rumours don’t currently state what may be added I do have them on good authority from my sources.

Well, that’s all for now folks, this is Gus Givens signing off.

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