Naristro Employment Ruling 401

Hi there folks Gus Givens here with more news as it unfurls from the trade talks under way at Coalition1 in Yam. A large trade and workers delegation is in talks with counterparts from the Naristro government.

So far it appears that the Naristro are placing restrictions on the new formation of a Settlement Licensing agreement for the Expanse. It appears they have some very strong feelings about Humans populating the Expanse and want some serious assurances adding to the final agreement before they will agree to any formal license.

There are a whole slew of demands but amongst these are the requirements of a percentage of a settlement staff to included Naristro staff. Also that all staff employed and working in the Expanse be paid in Naristro Talas, this includes humans.

Before they will release their manufacturing designs for defence and research for the Expanse, they also want assurances that a number of Naristro employees will be added to key infrastructure roles on each settlement. They have instructed their own employment agency the AEA to open its doors to human employers for this to work.

They have agreed in principle to allow human settlements to contract Naristro Offices and services from said operations. They also agreed to allow humans to open franchises for the Valoren Freight Division, although they stated that at this time they will not be allowing Ashar or Wesbec to open stores within their borders.

We caught up with one of the trade delegates today who took time out from their busy schedule to answer a few of our questions. They intimated that it appeared the Naristro were happy for human settlements to be created within Naristro space but that the Naristro were very much looking for compensation for allowing humans to expand.

It was also pointed out, that whilst the Aliens were locking settlement Licenses with Talas and Loyalty Cubes, this was also likely to be expanded to include the addition of official franchises of Offices and Stores. In essence all payments for contracts on a settlement being charged in Talas with a Loyalty Cube rider.

On other related News.

It seems that the design specs for Deployment Hubs for the Expanse have now been finalised and it appears that whilst it had been hoped to keep original hub systems these have had to be rebuilt almost from the ground up. Currently its looking like hubs for the Expanse deployment will consist of Six new Expanse enabled Hubs.

On the bright side these hubs have so much technology in them that they will create a Tech Level 12 Deployment, thrusting any settlement built to an immediate Tech 12 status. They have even intimated that the Naristro research and development systems will allow settlements to theoretically rise above the standard human Tech 12 ceiling!

These are just a few of the related news stories coming from the trade talks. We will bring you more as they unfold.

Gus Givens
ISN News.

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