Naristro & Coalition Weapon Systems

It’s been some time in the making but it seems the Naristro and Coalition have eventually got their plans in order and agreed on an initial release of Schematics and Defences for Expanse Settlements.

The Naristro were never going to be the most ecstatic when it comes to Humans settling in their back yard but they can see the long term positive affects, even if we do smell like wet Dog to them.

So the Naristro and Coalition Scientists have been hard at work creating defensive and offensive systems for Human Settlements within the Expanse. Please note the end designs CANNOT be USED elsewhere. Of course you can craft them where ever you like.

The Naristro council managed to persuade ‘Oceana Enterprises’ to retail the schematics to humanity. You will of course still need to have passed their loyalty tests and carry with you sufficient Loyalty Cubes and Talas to purchase the Schematics.

Overall there are 124 Schematics. Don’t forget Most alien schematics START at Tech level 12 and go upwards.

Dev Notes
You will find we have added Level 2,3,4,5 schematic systems for Settlement Weapons and Defensive systems. For Shields and Repair systems these start at Level 3 and cover 3,4 and 5.

Level 2 – Prepare
We ave added level 2 weapons because we feel that players may wish to get themselves ‘ready’ for levelling to 3. Initial attacks may be a little on the low side whilst we monitor the affect of Alien VS Human combat lol. So feel free to go in with level 2 Defences, then level to 3.

Expanse Sets are an expensive affair and I wanted to give you every opportunity to enjoy your rise to fame and fortune. Hence giving you every opportunity to defend at every level. So many Set owners moan at me when they level to 3 and get attacked 10 minutes later and loose morale and SRP and credits.

We will be adding a selection of Each Weapon Shield & Repair systems to the Store. These are there so players who have just about everything else can show their support and continue to help us out. You will still need to meet the prerequisites etc before you can use them.

Please note that ALL the staffing for Weapon Systems are ALIEN. This means grabbing the correct Alien Types. Pay attention, we added a few twists to this one 🙂

Final Point
These builds whilst not complicated MAY prove tough for some of you. I’d wager perhaps some of the toughest so far. The resources are out there (even the ones you never heard of) It’s up to the player base to work it out and share / sell / bribe steal your way to the crafted end product.

Please, no swathe of posts asking for easier ways to get more of these resources. They are rare by design. Those of you that have tried VERY hard to get to the top of your prospective professions this set of schems is a nod in your direction.


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