Mysterious errors with ship OS’s

Hello there folks, Gus Givens here with the latest from around the six galaxies.

There’s been a somewhat alarming spike in captains reporting problems with their ships operating system, the system in question, Galaxy 2, is cheap and stable universal operating system designed to be compatible with almost any ship or piece of technology, it’s the go to OS on the majority of civilian vessels in the sphere today.

I’m joined today by Bill Jobs, lead software engineer on the Galaxy 2 team, Mr Jobs, what exactly is it that’s been going wrong with Galaxy 2?

J: Well Gus It’s not so much that something’s wrong with Galaxy 2, we’ve been examining some of the systems that have been affected and it seems like there was some sort of outside influence involved, though we’ve never seen anything like it, it’s like the systems base code just started to unravel itself at the binary level, kind of like when you pull the loose thread on a jumper. We’ve been getting reports as well of planets disappearing from the galactic database, though that’s probably not an issue on our end since most of that information is stored off-ship in a Gal-Fed archive, still it is rather concerning and is quite possibly connected.

So do you have any theories on what’s been causing it?

J: A few, but we really can’t say for certain yet, the occurrences seem to be happening almost at random across the galaxies, what we can say is that there have been no reported incidents so far from ships in the expanse, so we doubt its any kind of alien involvement, other than that, well, we’re looking into it. For now we’ll be issuing a patch to try and prevent it from happening, but until we track down the root cause that’s all we can do.

Well, troubling stuff, lets see how the good folks over at Galaxy Software Inc can knock it on the head, this is Gus Givens signing off.

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