More VIP Account Upgrades

Many of you will be aware of the VIP program I run here for support towards keeping on top of the programming and development of CE. It’s an alternative way to help donate and get rewards. See more on the subject over here Coops Patreon

Since its creation, I’ve been added more items to the VIP list of goodies to spend your monthly stipend of VIP points on.

Today sees some more items added to the official list. I’m still working on another two but they are far more finicky to pull off. So I thought I’d apply some player suggested ones today.

VIP Ribblez Whisperer
The fuzzy things absolutely love you.

The number of Ribblez that can hide on your ship before the extermination crews come is increased by +5.

If the extermination crew shows up, there is a 50% chance a Ribblez hides and appears after they leave.

If your ship is empty of your fuzzy friends, there is a small chance one of these critters appears. (This only happens when their population on your ship is zero.)

VIP Jimmy Remote Access
Jimmy Fingers is your friend. Don’t ask how. When you take crates to him, he doesn’t skim as much off the loot as he normally does. What? You didn’t know why he only opens the crates in the back room? Just hush. Don’t be rude. All crates contain 10% more loot.

Further, he will let you borrow a small droid that he can control remotely through a personal VPN channel (Via the View Assets Tab). If you are docked at a planet with a Commercial Store, you can contact him and open crates anywhere with a decent galactic net connection. Jimmy can get your crate open and the contents go to the local Commercial Store where you are docked.

Lastly, he will sometimes find something for you for being a good customer. How does he find them? Haven’t we been over this? Stop interrupting. Now, every so often there is a chance a random crate shows up at your ship. Just think of it as a thank you from Jimmy, and a way to generate more business.

VIP Shop Keeper’s Reserve
When you complete an NPC’s mission chain, and have this VIP addon you will be offered Five more items entries to the list of items for sale.

VIP Hippie Trinket
Yes… I’m sure dancing in drumming circles skyclad was part of your education. You still have a crystal hanging from your rear view mirror. When turning in crystals at the Crystal Exchange Program, you get double the points.

Also when you recycle a crystal infused item at the Research Institute, the amount of points recovered is increased by from 33% to 66%

Have fun with these and dont forget if you want to suggest more VIP ideas please feel free to do so.



  1. Holiday says:

    I really like the VIP program. Mainly because it is automatic. I can support the game every month, even when I can’t decide what to get from the store. Stuff constantly being added is just an extra perk.

  2. vongrippen says:

    Love the new aditions.
    CE is a wonderful game to play and for that enjoyment if I can contribute less money than what I pay for a coffee, I think its more than deserved.
    Plus the benefits are pretty good too!

  3. Dragon. says:

    Coops Challenges are always great and getting harder, too. Love them all! Keep up the great work, Coops!

  4. Korth says:

    I am still trying to catch up on all the “shiny” stuff. Guess I’ll have to finish collecting extractors first. Good work Coops.

  5. dragon says:

    Thanks, Coops. i especially like the new VIP Expanse extractor, That alone is worth the money spent to support the game. Patreon all the way!!

  6. Korthen says:

    Love the new VIP shopkeepers reserve and looking at the others as well. Waiting for the next installment of the AI Wars and the release of Stabases (hint hint)>

  7. dragon says:

    I have been playing CE for almost 4 years and it hasn’t gotten old yet! Love the new VIP items, well maybe not the Ribblez, lol.Keep up the good work!

    thanks for being you!


  8. Akkamaddi says:

    Let is never be said that Coops doesn’t listen to the fan base. 🙂
    As a Patreon supporter, I’m happy to support the game, and happy with the benefits. To anyone considering Patreon support, go for it!

  9. Elkhorn says:

    Ten years in and Core Exiles continues to grow, expand and offer players more challenges to keep them interested! No resets either! The VIP account is an excellent way to show support and to gain some extra goodies.
    Thanks Coops!

  10. Thomas101 says:

    I Think the upgrades will help a lot of players out.

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