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When the game was shiny and new and players thought level 40 was a year + away we were adding items with ranges that maxed out in the 30’s and 40’s. These days we have level 180+ players and a whole swaythe of you that are between 60 and 150 with more joining that band of merry players each week.

You saw the release of the Rigal Scanners last week and today we bring you another slew of new items. These are from mid to very high levels and are ALL player crafted. I won’t hang the staff member out to dry who made the Schematics but they were under instructions from myself, so blame me if they’re tough and expensive¬†:)

You will find the following new ranges added today :

Farnsworth TM Targeter
Lawson Scanner
Syband Tracker
Predator Systems

These are all continuations of existing style systems in game. They don’t ‘do’ anything different just better. for instance where you might currently have Three Scanners fitted for hunting down ships for combat now with the right tools and level you can fit just one system.

Of course there is nothing stopping you adding more than one of these new systems just like you so with current items in game. they work the same and obey the same rules.

There will of course be more of this type of ”range extensions’ as the year goes on. Several staff have lists of items to ‘go and schem up’ for me so as these are completed they will get coded up and added.

The schems for these new ranges can be found at Warstrider Schematics and Cyber Systems.

Also a small note. We are now closing in on two and a half thousand schematics. This meant that many of the schematic store lists were way way long. So I have converted those stores over to the Sortable / Searchable data table types.

With the Expanse on its way to readiness for the Project Next Step completion you can expect a massive surge of new schematics coming your way in the near future.


P.S a MASSIVE thank you to a certain staffer for his diligent work of late – Sterling work!

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