More Genesis Deployment ‘Plans’

30 New Genesis Plans
Those of you with Genesis Deployments have been working your way through the initial ‘Plans’ that can be unlocked and the crafted using the Genesis Aurora Manufacturing centre.

Many of the initial Genesis Deployments are still working their way slowly through the list of requirements and gather resources and in turn processing those into the much needed QMG building blocks. Plus a resolute few have been working diligently on building stocks for a future ground attack.

Today marks a new release of Plans to the Genesis System. These are a Tier 2 set of Ground and Air units and the ‘First’ of the Genesis Space vessels. The latter was done so with the co-operation of the Coalition scientists and the GRP. All the remaining outstanding GRP resources were pulled into completing this initial first wave of plans for Space Defence.

It is hoped that captains will rise to the challenge and over time help the war effort not only on the ground but also in space.

A lot of work is going into creating a system for players (inc Vi) to take part in joint efforts against the AI both in space and also on the ground to try and take back planets taken by the AI invaders.

This also marks the start of a new GRP project. Once complete it will enable players to make use of the new AI resources that have begun appearing from various loots. This will give the ‘non combateers’ a way to take part in the AI storyline.


  1. Hand Solo says:

    A thoroughly absorbing. addictive, and challenging technical game. The breadth and depth of the game is amazing, there are so many different paths that one can take in order to build your galactic empire. This is not a five minute game. I have been playing for two years and still going strong, others are into their 10th year. Great if you have a disability and/or the reaction speed of a dead cat. No multiple key presses 5 times a second required.

  2. Deathsgate says:

    always useful Info — best to stay up to date on these Genesis upgrades so we have some idea of what we are working towards — thanks for the Heads Up ! — still working at my Genesis Site, trying to get Buildings made and added 🙂

  3. Baboon says:

    I I would very much like to make a Genesis plot in the near future. Thank you for all the great game options Coops.

  4. Namie says:

    Plan to have a Genesis plot this year
    I like to see player hand in hand taking back planet from cruel Ai

  5. Thomas101 says:

    I think it is a good idea.

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